The truth is – most marketing is ineffective. But why is it? Over the years, marketing has earned a bad reputation for failure. Between misleading claims, crazy campaigns, eating up the budget, and ultimately failing to gain more customers–the idea of marketing has put a bad taste in many business owner’s mouths. So, what are some specific reasons why marketing fails? 


Fail: Marketing teams who blindly attempt to reach the target audience. 

First, marketing can fail when the team doesn’t know enough about the audience. When marketing fails, the audience knows it. In the example of both Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial and Dove’s 2017 campaign for plus-sized bottle shapes, the audience was the first to call out the issue. In both cases, the companies severely missed their target audience and confused them all the more. But the reason for their failure was this: they took a blind stab at reaching their target audience. 

Knowing your target audience is not only important for your business, but crucial. Oftentimes, marketing teams will blindly toss money at a generic audience without reviewing it further. Your target audience isn’t just people who own homes. Your target audience should boil down to several personas. For example, a persona includes the gender, age range, economic status, hobbies, and even the geographic location of an individual. If a marketing team doesn’t hone down your target audience, they will waste your money and time. 


Win: Marketing teams who carefully assess your target audience, and manage your advertising budget well. 

At Creative Connection, we’re experts in finding your target audience. For over 20 years, we’ve worked to find target audiences across all types of industries. From restaurants and healthcare, to our modern day home service clients—we’re experts at finding your target audience. We stand behind our work, and our expertise. 


Fail: The marketing team who doesn’t know the brand well enough. 

In the example of the 2017 Dove soap campaign surrounding plus sized body positivity, they gravely missed their brand’s values. This is one example of a marketing effort that misunderstood the brand, and translated an entirely different message to its audience. 

Your brand is the second most important aspect of your company next to your services themselves. The brand of your business is its personality, charm, and wit. When a marketing team doesn’t understand your brand’s personality, they will not be able to translate it to your potential clients. For example, your brand’s voice on social media is one of the ways your potential clients will recognize your brand. Is your business more serious or humorous? Confident or curious? Chatty or straightforward? If a marketing team cannot quickly and concisely pick up your brand and own it as if it was their own, their efforts won’t succeed. 


Win: Marketing teams who take time to learn your brand’s personality and can translate your brand to potential customers 

Our team at Creative Connection takes intentional time to discover your brand, help you uncover the brand personality traits you want customers to see, and translate it seamlessly to your customers. We study your brand, memorize your story, and consistently ask follow-up questions to ensure our messaging aligns with your company’s values. 


Fail: The marketing team that only cares about results, not the whole picture. 

When marketing teams only care about results, they will rush to cross the finish line. In the marketing world, results are often coveted over the process. Even though this might appear to be a positive sign, marketing teams who only care about results will inevitably miss important details along the way. If a team is solely focused on getting a company more clicks to their website, they will lose audience engagement. 


Win: Marketing teams that treat your company as if it was their own. 

At Creative Connection, we approach your company with holistic marketing efforts. We believe that the greatest way to help your marketing efforts is by treating your company as if it was our own. From how we interact with customers on social media, to the words we choose to communicate–we steward your company’s image with great care. From the top to the bottom, we want to impact your business through the journey, not simply crossing the finish line. 


You can trust the results

Most marketing fails–but you can trust our results. At Creative Connection, we’ve been helping businesses build brands and grow their customer base since 2003. We’re industry leaders, and experts in our craft. Time and time again we’ve helped hone target audiences, maintain brand personas, and manage advertising budgets.   Wondering if your digital marketing is better than your competition?  Contact us today for a FREE – no obligation website audit.   CLICK NOW.