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Proven Results for Home Service Companies

Proven Results for Home Service Companies

Who is Creative Connection?

Founded in 2003, Creative Connection is a family-owned, family-operated full-service marketing firm.

Our mission is to serve businesses through strategic marketing and digital media solutions to increase their efficiency and drive profits. Our heart is making a difference in the world and giving back to those in need.

If your service company is looking to increase profits and shares a similar mindset to our values, we’d love to talk.  Get in touch today.

Why does digital marketing matter?

Digital marketing is the most economical way to reach your target audience online. Though our expertise, we employ a multitude of digital resources like: websites, social media and paid advertising to connect you to your customer.  We research your market, your competitors, and develop a plan so the prospective customers will see the value of choosing your company over the competition.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our customer reviews!

“Curt and his team at Creative Connection have done an excellent job on our website. They took the time to learn our unique marketing messages and designed a site that communicates them well and is easy to navigate. They are great to work with and very responsive. I highly recommend them.”

Mark H.

“Creative Connection has been a fantastic fit for the marketing needs at JME Companies and LondonBoulder. Most importantly they are a company of strong integrity and honesty that put the customer 1st. I recommend them to all of the business owners I know.”

Mike F. , JME Companies

“Curt, the driving force behind Creative Connection, stands out in the marketing landscape. His client-centric mindset ensures a seamless partnership, consistently delivering timely and ingenious solutions. With a profound understanding of the industry, Curt’s approach brings both sophistication and effectiveness to every project, making Creative Connection a standout choice in the marketing realm.”

Chris B.

“Creative Connection has been essential to the flourishing of my small business. Curt is incredibly responsive and delivers what is needed. Additionally, Curt’s recommendations are spot on, and his ideas have increased my sales. I highly recommend this company!”

Erica H.

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