This is your year!

2024 is the year to grow your home service business! Whether you’re a family-owned plumbing company, an HVAC service, or a home repair business, we’ve got your back. We want to provide you a few tips to help you succeed in your home service business. We believe 2024 is your year to grow, thrive, and build your legacy well. Here are two simple ways to get started on growing your customer base before the New Year rolls around! 

Do the research on your customer demographic. 

The number one way your business grows is through great customer relationships. To know your target audience, you have to build relationships with them. Before the New Year rolls around, take time to research your customer demographic. Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started: 

  • Call repeat customers and ask, “What made you choose us over anyone else?”
  • Read your online reviews, and take note of both positive and negative feedback. Be sure to reply to every review, and naturally weave in words that future customers may search for. Here’s an example! “Thanks Jim for the 5 star review. Just in time… the repair of your air conditioning was completed before the heat wave.  Contact us anytime and again, thank you!”
  • Get to know your customers in person at appointments by getting curious and asking questions that help you understand how to provide a better product or service when appropriate. 

As a home service, you should be targeting homeowners—which are mostly millennials (50%) Gen X’ers (70%), and Boomers (78%). However, when targeting homeowners, you should consider which generation tends to be most loyal to products and services. Gen X’ers have the highest loyalty of any generation, and though they are the most critical at first, they are loyal to what works best in the end. 

At Creative Connection, we’re experts in finding your target demographic and helping you develop meaningful relationships with them. If you’re curious about learning more about your target audience, you’ve come to the right place! 

Optimize your online presence with a strategy that deploys key digital marketing tactics 

Your online presence is the lifeblood of staying in touch with your current customers and building relationships with new ones. In a study with 8,000 US consumers, Power Reviews found that over 91% of that group said they read reviews always or often. The more expensive the product or service, the more that customer demographic considered reviews. That being said, sometimes customers leave bad reviews. So, what do you do then? Read our blog here about what to do with your bad reviews! 

If you don’t yet have an online platform or presence, your website is the first place to start. Your website should do three main things: Host the hub of information about your services, contain easily accessible and readable pages, and always leave your customer with a CTA (call to action!). A call to action always leaves your customers with confidence that you are the best solution to their needs. Call to actions also make it easy for your customer to contact you! 

Here are several key tools that can boost your online business! 

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One thing is clear–2024 is your year! It’s time to grow your home service business, develop deeper and long-lasting customer relationships, and develop a stronger brand image. At Creative Connection, we specialize in helping companies find and broadcast their core DNA and strengths for their customers to experience. As a B2B and B2C marketing company, we work to continually build trusted relationships with our clients and create a legacy instead of completing a service. If you would like to learn more about how we could help your home service, contact us today! 

Post written by Madi Olejnicak, the author of The Social Media Mess.